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Spring Lake Ranch Wish List


Department Wish Lists

Every year we post our Wish List of items needed by the Ranch. This provides an opportunity to sponsor supplies, tools, or projects that would enhance the Rancher experience but are not covered by residential fees. It’s a unique and fun way to donate! You can view lists by department below.

If you’d like to put your gift toward one of these items, please specify in the gift note on our donation page. For questions, contact Rose McCracken at or 802-772-8342.

Sponsor a Wish List Item

Gifts made in excess of the amount needed will go toward our scholarship fund, unless otherwise specified. 

When the summer crops are harvested, the garden is put to bed, and the soil is blanketed with snow, Gardens Crew heads indoors to weave. Historically we weave with cotton, chenille, or wool, most of which is purchased, not derived from our grounds. This year, however, we’d like to combine our summer work with our winter creativity by growing, harvesting, and processing flax to spin into linen, and then weave. Ranchers will learn about this beautiful local fiber through every step and every season from seed to spun thread to textile. Turning flax to linen is rarely done these days, and it’s challenging to find the right tools. We’ll likely purchase antiques but if you have one of these items below in your barn, please consider giving us a call. We’d be happy to dust it off for a good cause!

  • Scutching board and knife – $150
  • Flax Break – $275
  • Flax Hackle – $290
  • Flax Seed – $300
  • Flax Spinning Wheel – $1,000

A large task such as harvesting seeds by hand seems insurmountable to an individual, but when a group tackles it together, it can be quite an experience. With the addition of two new crops, feed corn and sunflowers, we’ll introduce new collaborative work experiences while preserving cultural heritage. Picture Ranchers using the old original barn to separate chaff from seed the same way Vermonters did 100 years ago. Farm Crew will also learn to restore old equipment for use on new crops. We already have the right tools for the job, but they’ve reached elderly status. To save money and teach new skills, we’ll reanimate these items together.

  • Feed Corn Seed – $300
  • Sunflower Seed – $300
  • Renovation Costs for Plow and Harrow – $1,200
  • Renovation Costs for Tractor – $10,000

You may remember a few years ago, we added a tennis court to the Ranch. It’s beautiful and well used! This summer, we plan to complete the landscaping surrounding the court. For this we just need the plants. For other Woods Crew activities, we need to replace a few well-used tools.

  • Peavey – $60
  • Timber Carrier – $75
  • Sedum – $200
  • Grasses – $200
  • Dwarf Blue Spruce Trees – $1,000

Some residents would rather be in the kitchen than anywhere else. While this opportunity is currently limited, our goal is to expand kitchen-related experiences over the next year. At the same time, some of our cooking and food supplies are past their prime. The time is now for new gear!

  • Frying Pan – $45
  • Heavy-Duty Colanders – $126
  • Rolling Cart – $145
  • Cutting Board Sets – $49
  • Shelving and Food-Safe Bins – $1,000

If you’re a practical person, you understand our need to keep the grounds and facilities safe and operational. This is one of the Ranch’s more expensive line items; when we don’t have the right equipment, we’re forced to pay others to do the job. These items below would save the Ranch money over time and allow us to complete tasks right away. Imagine plumbing that bursts in the middle of the night or trees that fall in a heavy storm. We have the skills, we just need the right tools.

  • Chainsaw – $900
  • Pro Press for Copper Pipe Fitting – $2,000
  • Excavator – $100,000 *

*If you buy this special item, we’ll hang a plaque in your honor, and you’ll forever have a beloved place in the heart of our Logistics Manager.

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