January Nutrition Week Wrap-up

Allison Filepp MS, RD, RYT200

Two women stand in a small commercial kitchen in front of bowls filled with recipe ingredients

Our January Nutrition Week was a resounding success and a pleasure to lead! The week kicked off with a dynamic session that I co-led with our skilled clinician, Derrick, at Elliot House. We covered essential topics such as meal planning, budgeting, impulse control, and reading nutrition labels. A highlight was our group outing to the grocery store with Elliot House residents, where we navigated aisles, compared prices and labels, and collectively planned a nutritious dinner. Back at the house, residents eagerly participated in preparing a delicious pasta dish with ground chicken and roasted veggies, showcasing their newfound knowledge.

The remainder of the week featured engaging workshops, including “Nutrition for Mental Health,” where I educated each work crew on the important role of food in supporting mental health. Collaborating with Cathy, our chef, we conducted a fantastic workshop in the People’s Kitchen, guiding residents in making protein bars while providing nutrition education about planning a balanced snack.

It was a joy to see in-person the residents I work with remotely for individualized nutrition education, as well as meeting our new residents throughout the week. I was able to meet with Program Coordinators (PCs) to discuss optimizing support for healthy eating habits and positive body image for residents.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our Friends and Family Support Group attendees for giving me a warm welcome and asking insightful questions about our nutrition program at their meeting that Wednesday.

Closing out Nutrition Week, I shared insights on global cuisines, offering samples of traditional Turkish dishes inspired by my mother-in-law’s recipes. We explored the cultural significance of communal eating, a practice embraced daily at the Ranch.

I am so looking forward to our next Nutrition Week which is currently set for April. We are already busy planning away!

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