Meet Our Team

Coordination Team

Work Program Director Amy Bowen

Amy Bowen

Work Program Director

Executive Director Brian Hansen

Brian Hansen

Executive Director

Communications & Development Manager Abbey Harlow

Abbey Harlow

Communications and Development Manager

Spring Lake in summer

John Ilves

Finance Manager

QA Director Lynn Pilcher

Lynn J. Pilcher

Director of Quality Assurance

Director of Operations Rachel Stark

Rachel Stark

Director of Operations

HR Coordinator Case Voigtlaender

Casey Voigtlaender

Human Resources Manager

Our Team

Spring Lake in summer

Akbar Abidi

Evening Support Staff

Royce Street Support Dianna Bessette

Dianna Bessette

Case Manager

Lead HA Chelsea Caldwell

Chelsea Caldwell

Lead House Advisor

Case Manager Laura Caravella

Laura Caravella

Case Manager

Clinician Chris Colm

Chris Colm

Case Manager

Spring Lake in summer

Catlin Colwell

Royce Street Support Staff

Food Services Manager Tracy Crelin

Tracy Crelin

Food Services Manager

Spring Lake in summer

Kathleen Cyr

Kitchen Assistant

AWON Patricia Dannenbrink

Patricia Dannenbrink

Awake-Overnight Support Staff

Spring Lake in summer

Sarah Delphia

Assistant Finance Manager

Jin Hee Dezero

Jin Hee Dezero


AWON Christina Dunbar

Christina Dunbar

Awake-Overnight Support Staff

open lake with trees along outside

Stefan Eigen

Residential Program Supervisor

open lake with trees along outside

Jennifer FauntLeRoy

Consulting Psychiatrist

Spring Lake in summer

Pete Favreau


Spring Lake in summer

Loretta Fermin

Gardens Assistant/ Kitchen Manager

Clinician Gina Fucci

Gina Fucci


Gardens Manager Lisa Gardner

Lisa Gardner

Department Head, Gardens Crew

Shop Assistant Theo Goodell

Theo Goodell

Shop Crew Assistant

Nurse Terry Hanley

Terry Hanley


Clinician Cynthia Hanson

Cynthia Hanson


Spring Lake in summer

Nathan Hewitt

Logistics Manager

Clinician Theresa Hoffmann

Theresa Hoffman, LCMHC


Farm Manager Carl Mancivalano

Carl Mancivalano

Department Head, Farm Crew

Spring Lake in summer

Olivia Mancivalano

Farm Crew Assistant

Case Manager Diane Mills

Diane Mills

Resident Services Case Manager

Admissions Coordinator Kevin Mollloy

Kevin Molloy

Assistant Manager of Admissions

Program Liason Martin Murphy

Martin Murphy

Program Liason

AWON Desiree Murray

Desiree Murray

Awake-Overnight Support Staff

Woods Manager Doug Patton

Doug Patton

Department Head, Woods Crew

Cook Meredith Pratt

Meredith Pratt


Shop Manager Ray Pratt

Ray Pratt

Department Head, Shop Crew

Spring Lake in summer

Peggy Ranney


Facilities Andy Richards Peelle

Andy Richards-Peelle

Facilities Technician

Nicole Srbin

Nicole Srbin

Medical Assistant

Receptionist Janet Stocker

Janet Stocker


Clinician Kristen Stone

Kristen Stone


House Advisors

SLR House Advisors

House Advisors

CARF Accredited: Spring Lake Ranch programs are CARF accredited. The CARF accreditation signals our commitment to continually improving services, encouraging feedback, and serving the community.